Glow Me produces a spectacular U.V. black-light environment infused with safe and clean neon body-paint, captivating canvas glow-art on display, and décor to illuminate your eyes with blissful colors.

Foremost, we grant the opportunity for your guests to partake in an interactive experience, to be inspired, and to become an exhibition of dancing art with their friends. The fun really sets off when guests take their seat in our body-and-face-paint booth – a custom pop-up art gallery draped with vibrant fabrics and décor. The photographs captured by guests in the glowing booth are truly sensational. These everlasting memories from a unique night will be cherished and shared among friends, and recounted in the future with great enthusiasm.

Additionally Glow Me provides professional artists, each with unique style, painting canvas live under the black light. This allows your guests to witness a glowing canvas creation from beginning to end. These creations are then added to our flourishing mobile glow-art collection.

“Sit down in the booth and let yourself glow. One cool brush stroke of the illuminating body and face paint will bring you a colorful vibe. Glow together with your friends and dance like never before. The one-of-a-kind touch of Glow Me will leave you uplifted and refreshed. All you have to do is let the music flow while you Glow!”